capillary thermostat for oven equipment

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★ Accurate temperature control;
★ Great contact capacity;
★ Wide control range;
★ High reliability.

Application: Temperature control for the heating electrical appliances such as electric water heater,fryer,cylinder washing machine,electric water boiler,sealing machine,electronic oven,baking pan,subterrene,and electric griddle etc.

Working principle

The special industrial oil inside the capillary and bulb probe. When the temperature rises, must be quickly detected by the sensor bulb, then the oil begins to expansion to make contactor acts.

What do thermocouples do?

Vcrown offers the different Series of adjustable bulb and capillary thermostats suitable for applications requiring variable temperature setting ability and remote control. Vcrown Series design incorporates a changeover thermal switch and an auxiliary switch useful for fan control or alarm signal. A variety of available features, a large in-stock inventory, and a surprisingly low price combine to make the Vcrown Series bulb and capillary thermostat an excellent value.

How does a capillary tube thermostat work?

Bulb and capillary thermostats have a fluid filled bulb and respond quickly to change in temperature. When temperature rises the bulb fluid expands via the capillary tube to an expandable diaphragm or bellows to open or close the contacts.

Items to be noted

★ Client shall make an order according to the characters of his product, and the range of temperature that needs to be controlled.
★ Do not make conductive gases or conductive matters enter into the temperature controller or stain its surface, to prevent its electric insulation from being influenced. 5. Do not use over-length M4 wire for bracket fixing, otherwise temperature controller performance will be destroyed.
★ Switch box is a ceramic item, and therefore shall be handled carefully.
★ In temperature controller fixing, keep temperature-sensing duct closely contact the surface where temperature needs to be controlled, to well fulfill its function.
★ Do not press the temperature-sensing duct to be deformed in fixing to avoid influencing its performance.
★ The bending radius of capillary shall not be less than 5mm.

What is bulb and capillary sensor?

Bulb and Capillary style thermostats use expanding liquid to open or close contacts in response to temperature changes. Simple to use with a calibrated knob for setting the temperature and the ability to directly switch load current for one of two poles directly.

Elements & Purpose

Usage: It's mainly used for the temperature control of household electrical appliances (showers, rolling-type washers, fan heaters), electrothermal equipment (stainless steel full automatic water boilers, electrothermal fryers, baking stoves, electronic ovens, foodstuff machinery, medical equipment), and refrigeration industry (kitchen cooling cabinets, preservation cabinets, refrigerators, ice-makers, rearing ponds, cold-drinks makers, heating machines) etc.

Elements: The volume of the material in the temperature sensing part of temperature controller will inflate or deflate when the temperature of the controlled object varies, which causes the film box that is connected to the temperature sensing part inflating or deflating, then drives the switch on or off through a leverage function to keep a constant temperature. AGO Series Liquid Inflated Temperature Controller is characterized by accurate temperature control, reliable, small on/off temperatures difference, a wide range of temperature control and large over loaded current etc.

Why Choose Us

1. Many products have been passed CQC, TUV, UL, TUV, VDE certificate.
2. The thermostat annual output is over 15,000,000pcs.
3. Midea and Walmark stable supplier.
4. We not only have our own factories, R&D team and foreign trade team , has rich experience in foreign trade, but also have their own patents.
5. All products must be strictly inspected according to ISO9001 standard before they leave the factory.
6. There are 8 ISO management production lines.
7. The important processes have been implemented using automated equipment production, the future will be to implement all automated production.
8. The high tech product company.
9. We can accept OEM or ODM order

Exceed customer expectation

We do the most homework to let the customers do the least. Our customers only need to do two things: to pay the money we deserve and to relax, and we do all the work.
It's not our slogon to keep customers satisfied, it's our promise and pratice.
We are committed to providing better service to customers than our competitors. If we don't, please let us know to surpass.


 1. What is the MOQ?
The minimum order quantity of this product is generally 500PCS. Unit prices vary with the order quantities. The lower the unit price will drop, the higher the order quantity is.
Considering the actual needs of customers, we do accept smaller quantity orders less than MOQ 500PCS. For less than MOQ orders, higher unit price rates will apply.

2. What is your sample policy?
We offer samples for free on the condition that the buyer pays for the freight. The sample quantity is usually 3PCS, which is enough for testing. If more samples are needed, the customer may apply for more.

 3.  How to pay for the freight cost? 
As we offer samples for free to show our sincerity for the business, the buyer is supposed to pay for the freight of sample delivery. The first priority choice of freight payment is the buyer's account for freight collect with DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and other international courier service providers.
If the buyer doesn't have any above-mentioned courier accounts, the buyer is supposed to prepay the freight cost that is quoted to and agreed by the buyer before sample preparation. We accept small amount payments by PayPal or T/T.

Our Services

1. Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
2. We offer you professional service in fluent English.
3. Keep the mass production as the sample in high quality
4. Freight forwarder: faster,safer, and convenient.
5. Quality: we have QC on each process,provide high quality products.

Our Services

Q: Is sample available and free?
A: Sample is available , but express fee should be paied in advance.

Q: What cerficated do you got ?
A:We got CE , CCC , ISO...

Q: What's your warranty ?
A:Our warranty of the product is 1 years.

Q: What's the delivery time ?
A:Delivery time is depended on quantity . We will delivery as soon as possible.

Q: How about the transport ?
A:We usually transport by Express for samll order , transport by sea or by air for huge quantity.


We can according to your needs to do the capillary length ,current ,tempeature and so on ,for example the drawing as below:



Applicable for heating equipment ,ovens,bakers,electric water heaters ,boilers and commercial utensils as precise temperature control .



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