How a bulb and capillary thermostat works

Our capillary thermostat switches are high temperature limit switches installed in appliances with adjustable or fixed temperature settings. They are designed to control temperature and ensure that appliances are automatically turned off or on when a set temperature is reached. In this article, we’ll explore how a capillary thermostat switch works and how it differs from a light bulb thermostat switch.

The capillary thermostat switch is a temperature controller based on the principle of heat conduction. It consists of a temperature-sensing element (also known as a temperature sensor or bulb) for sensing temperature changes and a long, thin capillary tube. When the temperature of the electrical appliance rises, the liquid or gas filled in the temperature sensing element will expand, causing the pressure in the capillary to increase. When the pressure exceeds a set threshold, the thermostat triggers and cuts power to the appliance. When the temperature drops below the lower set threshold, the liquid or gas in the temperature sensing element contracts and the pressure drops, thereby reconnecting the electrical power to the appliance.

Unlike capillary thermostat switches, bulb thermostat switches use the properties of a light bulb to sense temperature changes. A light bulb thermostat switch consists of a light bulb and a controller located inside the appliance. When the temperature of the appliance increases, the temperature in the bulb also increases. By using a thermistor, or thermal circuit, in the light bulb to sense changes in temperature, a thermostat can turn appliances on or off as needed. Bulb thermostat switches are suitable for some smaller appliances that require more precise temperature control.

Whether it’s a capillary thermostat switch or a light bulb thermostat switch, they help improve the safety and reliability of appliances. They avoid the risk of appliances overheating due to high temperatures or freezing due to low temperatures. By promptly cutting off power to the appliance, the thermostat prevents the appliance from being damaged or possibly causing an accident. Therefore, they are widely used in many household appliances and industrial equipment.

Our Capillary Thermostat Switches offer high quality and reliability for a wide variety of appliance applications. Whether your needs are for home appliances or industrial equipment, our products can meet your needs. We provide customers with a variety of temperature ranges and rated current options to ensure that our thermostat switches can work properly in different applications.

In conclusion, capillary thermostat switch and bulb thermostat switch are important components for controlling temperature. They protect appliances from excessive or low temperatures by sensing temperature changes and cutting or restoring power to the appliance accordingly. Our products are of high quality and reliability for a wide variety of electrical applications. Whether you need appliances with adjustable temperature settings or appliances with fixed temperature settings, we can provide you with the best temperature control solution.

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Post time: Aug-19-2023