What Is a Safety Thermostat on a oven?

The oven is one of the electrical appliances we commonly use in our daily life. Whether it is used for cooking or baking, the oven can provide us with convenience. However, in the process of using the oven, we also need to pay attention to safety issues. One of the key safety components is the safety thermostat.

In simple terms, a safety thermostat is a device that monitors and controls the temperature of your furnace. Its function is to cut off the power supply when the furnace temperature exceeds the safe range to prevent the furnace from overheating or causing a fire.

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 So, how does this safety thermostat work?

 A safety thermostat is a vapor pressure system with a sensing bulb at one end connected by a capillary to a pressure gauge at the other end. The sensor bubble is filled with a liquid that vaporizes when the temperature rises. This causes the pressure on the manometer to rise and move the needle to indicate the measured temperature.

 Through the safety thermostat, we can ensure that the power supply can be cut off in time when the furnace temperature exceeds the safe range, so as to protect our family and property from the threat of fire. This device is especially useful in scenarios where the stove is used for long periods of time, or temperature changes are easily overlooked during use, such as baking or braising.

 Guangzhou vcrown company’s safety thermostat not only has high quality and reliability, but also can be customized according to customers’ needs. 

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Post time: Sep-19-2023