What liquid is in a capillary thermostat

The liquid used in the thermostat is an important part of the capillary thermostat. A capillary thermostat is a device that controls temperature by the principle of liquid expansion. In a capillary thermostat, a liquid expands or contracts in a capillary tube in response to changes in temperature, controlling sensitive parts of the device. And this kind of liquid is usually called temperature-sensitive liquid.

The temperature sensing fluid plays a vital role in the thermostat. It is highly thermally sensitive and responds quickly and accurately to changes in ambient temperature. When the temperature-sensing liquid is heated, it will expand and the corresponding force will be transmitted by the capillary to close or open the circuit, thereby realizing temperature control.

For V-CROWN’s thermostat, we use high-quality temperature-sensing fluid. This temperature-sensing fluid can not only work in extreme environments, but also has long life and stable performance. By carefully selecting the appropriate temperature-sensing fluid, we ensure the high precision and reliability of the thermostat, making it perform well in various application scenarios.

To sum up, V-CROWN’s thermostat adopts the working principle of a capillary thermostat, in which high-quality temperature-sensing fluid is used. This design allows our thermostats to operate in harsh environments with exceptional accuracy and reliability. Whether in commercial or industrial fields, V-CROWN’s thermostats will be your ideal choice.

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Post time: Aug-29-2023